Kanmochem Dyestuffs & Chemicals has a wide range of fast salts including fast black b, blue b, blue bb, bordeaux gp, scarlet, orange, yellow and etc.

Dyeing Process of Salt

Salts are highly sensitive to heat and moisture thus must always be stored in a cool dry place. Being freely soluble in water, it is used in dyeing process in two stages.

  • The first stage, involves material getting impregnated with naphthol solution
  • In second stage, further development takes place with use of diazotized fast base

Salts are widely used in the textile industry in processes involving wax prints and African prints. Finding wide usage in textile, plastic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, these when dyeing with naphthols offer economical usage. Furthermore, these are also used in achieving blue, maroon, yellow color shades that are not possible with other dyestuff. These dyes possess superior color fastness properties.

Applications of Salt

These color bases are widely used in:

  • Textile
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic

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