Basic Dyes

Kanmochem dyestuffs & chemicals has a wide range of basic dyes including Auramine, Bismark Brown, range of cationic dyes, magenta, methylene blue 2b and methyl violet.

Basic Dyes are also known as cationic dyes and comprise class of synthetic dyes that works as base. When mixed in water, they assist in the formation of colored cationic salt that react with anionic sites on surface of substrates. These basic dyes provide assistance in producing bright shades featuring superior tinctorial values on textile materials.

Features of Basic Dyes

  • Work as cationic soluble salts of colored bases
  • Can be applied to substrate with anionic character in areas where electrostatic attractions are formed
  • Provides working as powerful coloring agents
  • Can be applied to silk, wool, cotton and modified acrylic fibers
  • Also used in coloration of paper
  • Can offer varied shades with high tinctorial strength and brightness properties
  • Having good solubility in water in presence of glacial acetic acid
  • Relatively economical in usage
  • Shows good brightness

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