Sulphur Dyes

Sulphur Dyes are one of the most used dyes for producing bright black and brown shade on cellulosic fiber products. Sulphur dyes dyeing process is carried out in alkaline condition. Sulphur dyes are used for both dyeing and printing.

Properties of Sulphur Dyes

-Sulphur dye is water insoluble dye.

-It need solubilization for application.

-Oxidation is needed for final color development.

-Sulphur dye is applied in alkaline condition.

-Electrolyte can be added in the dye to enhance exhaustion of dyes.

-Fastness properties are average

-Best suitable for producing black and brown shade on textile materials.

-It is mainly applied on cotton, viscose and staple fiber.

-Its exhaustion properties are good.

-Most of the times dyeing is carried out in 80-95 degree Celsius.

-Sulphur dye is comparatively cheap in price.

Sulphur Dyes
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