Direct Dyes

It comprises dyestuff class that can be directly applied to substrate in alkaline/neutral bath. These textile direct dyes assist in producing full shades on cotton, linen, silk, wool and rayon. Providing for bright shades, these have storing adherence to fabric molecules without support from other chemicals.


– Comprise anionic dyes coming with substantively for cellulosic fibers

– Normally applied using aqueous dye bath that contain sodium chloride (NaCl) or sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) electrolyte

– Comes with anionic anionic ionic nature

– Soluble in water


These can be used on variety of fibers including:

– Cotton

– Viscose

– Silk

– Jute

– Linen

Direct Dyes
Kanmochem: Direct Dyes
Direct Dyes come in various colour shades, product & C.I. names
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